what we do

Brokering Relationships
and Partnerships

  • Business Projects
  • Partner Agreements
  • Impacts and Benefits Agreements
  • Royalties and Leases

Directing, contributing to and representing clients’ engagement and position with partners and stakeholders – from investors and regulators, unions, elected and government officials to public, media, and customers. Making a difference with the people who matter to them, with analysis, discretion and consistency.

Acting as a change maker, capacity builder, communicator, facilitator, organizer, process manager, record keeper and more. Intervening in a range of ways depending on what is most appropriate. Reaching appreciation and action by bridging the interests of necessary parties. Using skills of deep analysis, listening and responding. Working with legal, financial, engineering and expert teams.

Project Areas:

  • Business Projects – analyzing positions and recommending strategies to convince and secure the trust of regulators, funders, management teams and employees and the public; from concept to start-up to operations.
  • Partner Agreements – negotiating and brokering for business owners, Indigenous organizations, non-profit organizations, member-driven associations, crown corporations, and more.
  • Impact and Benefit Agreements – analyzing, complying, finding opportunity and partnering.
  • Royalties and Leases – representing owner interests and requirements.

Business Consulting and Planning

  • Operational Plans
  • Tourism Master Attractions Plan
  • Marketing Plans
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Implementation Plans

Working with associates and experts to develop thorough, practical, visionary and focused plans, delivered with plain language and easily activated implementation.

Project Areas:

  • Operational Plans – analyzing scenarios, defining expectations and goals, and recommending achievable human resources, maintenance, capital improvements, energy, communications, governance and management programs.
  • Tourism Master Attractions Plan – analyzing unique attributes, infrastructure, assets and experiences of properties, destinations, operators and organizations to provide authentic and realistic experiences demanded by targeted visitors and users.
  • Marketing Plans – analyzing market demand and potential to target best customers with powerful brands, strategic positioning, unique creative, and smart use of advertising, social media, promotions and sales people.
  • Implementation Plans – presenting simple comprehensive activity plans with timelines, budgets, flowcharts, integration, priorities, reporting, responsibilities, risks, costs and resources.
  • Environmental Assessment – contributing to environmental assessment project descriptions and registrations with thorough public consultation processes and socio-economic situational analysis.

Strategic Business Communications and Campaigns

  • Major Project Plans
  • Issue and Policy Analysis
  • Land Claim Ratification and Implementation

Shaping business advocacy, investor relations, member and employee relations through realistic, consistent, and determined communications.

Developing plans and advice to address business growth, revenue, crises, reputation, ratification, engagement, operations and start-ups.

Preparing overarching long-term plans, for multiple audiences, with multiple objectives, developed to allow for separate targeted programs and campaigns, defining tools and tactics, schedules, stakeholder maps, and budgets and measurements.

Managing statements and key messages to media through careful choreography of news conferences, media access, interviews, site tours, and scrums. Developing speaking notes, releases, backgrounders and media updates. Measuring through monitoring and analysis of coverage.

Conducting primary and secondary research – stakeholder interviews, environmental scans, surveys, and extensive literature research.

Motivating talented creative and production artists and suppliers, through development of clear objectives detailed in creative and project briefs, outlines and timelines, with parameters for production specifications. Applying sensitive, practical, balanced, measured, timely and focused feedback until best results are achieved for web sites, newsletters, presentations, Social media activities and more.

Project Areas:

  • Major Project Planning and Stakeholder Management – development planning and stakeholder engagement for mining, aquaculture, tourism, commercial properties, transportation, organizations and associations and more.
  • Issue and Policy Analysis – concise focused analysis of issues and policies to effect change.
  • Land Claim Ratification and Implementation – sensitive, thorough, visionary negotiating, planning and communications to secure understanding, approval and activation.