who we work with

We cultivate strong relationships and partnerships. We have a reputation for taking a strategic approach that gets results, balancing experience and instinct with thorough research and consultation, providing proactive counsel and working collaboratively with executive teams and their legal, financial, engineering, and environmental advisers.

Our clients are dynamic. Leaders. CEOs. Chiefs. Presidents. Executive Directors. Entrepreneurs. Senior Managers. Leadership Teams. People who are engaged in negotiation, investment, planning, communicating. In boardrooms, courtrooms, on the ground, in community halls.


Aquaculture and Wild Fisheries

  • Developers
  • Communities
  • Supply Chain Companies
feeding nations

Associations and Non-Profit Organizations

  • Business Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Municipalities
  • Charities
making it matter


  • Owners and Investors
  • Leaders and Executive Teams
  • Community Corporations
  • Professional Firms and Agencies
going global


  • Land Claims and Recognition
  • Impact and Benefits Agreement
  • Partnerships
valuing futures


  • Royalty Holders
  • Prospectors and Junior Miners
  • Developers and Operators
unearthing prosperity


  • Signature Attractions
  • Commemorations and Celebrations
  • Niche and Adventure Experiences
making memories


  • Authorities – Airports and Marine Ports
  • Ferries and Shippers
moving forward